Welcome to Friends of Sherwood Forest

Formed in 2011 to bridge the financial gaps created by educational budget cuts and limitations in what the PTA can fund, FofSF is committed to enhancing instructional opportunities that benefit the students of Sherwood Forest Elementary School that would otherwise go unfunded.

Our children’s future success is greatly influenced by the quality of their primary education. Therefore the Friends of Sherwood Forest, in collaboration with the PTA and Sherwood Forest Elementary School, is dedicated to seeing that superior, engaging and comprehensive education and instruction is available to all its K-5 students.

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News & Announcements

Giving Week begins September 14th! Plan to give what you can for Family Giving (managed by FofSF) – one of the biggest annual fundraisers benefiting the school!

The 2020/2021 school year looks different than any other year we have experienced.  However, FOSF has worked closely with school administration to identify ways to use donations to benefit both virtual and in person instruction such as: to enhance existing outdoor spaces and/or add outdoor classroom spaces that can be used for years to come. To support virtual learning through online subscriptions to systems like Seesaw for K-2 and Mentoring Minds for 3-5. To fund improvements in technology.
To support hard copy instructional material to supplement virtual learning. And many others.

While we would love to achieve 100% family participation this year, we want every family to participate how they are comfortable.  We ask that families consider donating $20 per month for 10 months or $200 per child.  You can make a one-time or recurring donation securely online at by clicking on the "give" icon in the upper right of this page. Please take some time to consider what meaningful gift you can give this year. All gifts are appreciated and no donation is too small!

In place of the annual coin drive, we have a new program this year, Kids Give Back Campaign. Look in the scoop next week for more details on safe ways that our students can give back to the community (non-monetarily) and also get a sense of being virtually together while physically apart.