Welcome to Friends of Sherwood Forest

Formed in 2011 to bridge the financial gaps created by educational budget cuts and limitations in what the PTA can fund, FofSF is committed to enhancing instructional opportunities that benefit the students of Sherwood Forest Elementary School that would otherwise go unfunded.

Our children’s future success is greatly influenced by the quality of their primary education. Therefore the Friends of Sherwood Forest, in collaboration with the PTA and Sherwood Forest Elementary School, is dedicated to seeing that superior, engaging and comprehensive education and instruction is available to all its K-5 students.

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News & Announcements

Giving Week begins September 16th! Be sure to start collecting coins for the Coin Drive portion of the week (managed by the PTA) and plan to give what you can for Family Giving (managed by FofSF) – one of the biggest annual fundraisers benefiting the school!