How is Friends of Sherwood Forest different than the PTA?
Friends of Sherwood Forest was formed in 2011 in response to growing cutbacks in state and school system funding, and because the PTA has strict limitations on what it can fund. Because these issues seriously impact the quality of our children’s education, Friends of Sherwood Forest was formed to find ways to bridge the financial gaps left by the state, local school system and PTA.

How is Friends of Sherwood Forest funded?
The organization is funded through individual donations from families, friends and community leaders, and through events such as the Boosterthon and Giving Week.

Can I make a donation and have it split between the two organizations?
While the end goal of the PTA and Friends of Sherwood Forest is shared, they are independent organizations and their finances will be treated that way as well.

Why don’t we just manage all of this through the PTA?
There are areas of our school that need funding that the PTA’s by-laws prohibit. This is where Friends of Sherwood Forest can make a difference.

Who will decide where the money raised by Friends of Sherwood Forest is spent?
School administrators, led by Principal Lowther, will identify needs within the school and articulate those needs to the FoSF Board of Directors. The Board will then allocate funds to the school that align with the FoSF mission. The Board is comprised of a cross section of Sherwood Forest Elementary School parents, community leaders, SFES Alumni Parents and Advisory (non-voting) members, including teachers and the SFES principal.

Is Friends of Sherwood Forest school-sanctioned?
Friends of Sherwood Forest is an independent organization based outside of the school, but whose fundraising efforts benefit Sherwood Forest Elementary School. The school values and needs the support of Friends of Sherwood Forest.

How can I get involved?
Both the PTA and Friends of Sherwood Forest have many opportunities for volunteers and are open to parents of former and current students, family members, friends and people in the community. For more information on the PTA, you can go online to wsfcs.k12.nc.us/sherwoodforestespta or send an e-mail to thesfespta@gmail.com. For more information on Friends of Sherwood Forest, please contact us at info@friendsofsherwoodforest.org.

I cannot make a significant financial donation to Friends of Sherwood Forest, but I want to be involved…
Every donation is significant whether it’s $1 or $1000. There are also ways to give of your time if a financial donation is not an option. Volunteer requests will be made through partnership with the PTA and through fliers sent in weekly packets. We welcome a diverse board and invite everyone to apply.  Board applications come out in April each year.

Will Friends of Sherwood Forest do all of the fundraising for Sherwood Forest Elementary School?
The PTA and the FoSF each will hold fundraisers and will clearly communicate which organization is sponsoring the fundraiser to avoid confusion.